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The decision to file bankruptcy is a difficult and personal one but sometimes it is the best option to start fresh and rebuild financially following difficult times.  The majority of my clients have filed bankruptcy due to circumstances that were beyond their control:  illness, loss of a job, or divorce.  It is my goal to make the difficult decision to file bankruptcy and the process that follows as easy as I can for my clients.

There are 2 types of bankruptcy that most people file.

1. Chapter 7- this is the type of bankruptcy most people are familiar with.   Most often Chapter 7 is used to eliminate credit cards and medical bills.  In certain circumstances it can also be used to eliminate financial responsibility for a secured debt, such as a house or car, as long as the collateral is surrendered.

2. Chapter 13 - is often referred to as reorganization.  It can be used to bring a mortgage or even a car payment current when payments have been missed.  In a Chapter 13 it is sometimes possible to eliminate a second mortgage depending upon the circumstances.  The bankruptcy court has a mortgage mediation program to bring the homeowner and the mortgage company together to try to adjust the terms of the mortgage and hopefully allow the homeowner to keep the home. 

Every case is different and that is why I offer a free initial consultation to meet and discuss your situation to determine which option best meets your needs. 

CDL Ticket Defense

For a CDL holder, there’s no such thing as a simple ticket.  And with the increased scrutiny that lawmakers and law enforcement are placing on truck drivers, maintaining a clean record seemingly becomes harder every day. 

Traffic school is not an option and paying the fine comes with points against your license.  If you get enough points your license is suspended.

Even a few points on your license can have serious consequences including:

    Losing your current job

    Inability to get hired for a new job

So now more than ever, truck drivers are left with no choice but to fight each and every ticket they receive.  While no one wants to pay the fine, for a truck driver the primary goal is to avoid the assessment of any points on the CDL.

When you get a ticket in Central Florida, contact my office for a free consultation.  I will discuss your case with you to determine what can be done to minimize if not completely eliminate the negative impact of the ticket and keep you running.  Even if you live out of state, I can take care of your Florida ticket.  In most cases, you don’t have to appear when you have an attorney representing you.  It’s my job to deal with the ticket so you can keep running.

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